R+ Dog Training

cat targeting a hand

Need to teach your cat to use a litter tray or cat flap?

Does your cat know how to use claws gently and not bite?

Problem getting your cat into a carrier?

Introducing your cat to a dog?

R+ Dog Training can help – we train cats too!

Cats have only been domesticated relatively recently. This first domestication happened in Turkey about 7,000 years ago and the second, much better known, in Egypt about 4,000 years ago.  Dogs beat that by at least 10,000 years. Moreover, cats, unlike dogs, are solitary animals so have a more limited way of interacting with humans.

Cats though, like any other animal, are not only amenable to training using positive reinforcement, they really enjoy it and it is a wonderful way of cementing your bond as well as ensuring a peaceful household.

We recommend starting with a 1 hour session at £90 followed by 30 minute sessions at £45 per session.

Please contact R+ Dog Training to discuss your requirements and to book your customised sessions

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