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Social Dog Walks

Social dog walks in W/SW London

Monthly social dog walks led by qualified, experienced professionals from
R+ Dog Training and On Kew Dog Training

It can be hard to relax on a walk if you are unsure about your dog or worried about other dogs’ behaviour.

The next walks are on April 12th in Boston Manor Park
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Social Dogs Walks in W/SW London

Join us for a monthly social dog walk in W/SW London.

Whether you’re a new dog owner or a seasoned handler, there will be times when your dog does something that you don’t understand or would like to change. There are some terrific resources online, but there is a lot of ill-informed and downright unkind advice too, even if it is well-intentioned. Each person and each dog needs a solution that will suit their individual needs, so what works for your friend’s dog may not work for you and your dog.

Social Dog Walks in W/SW London

It can be difficult to decide what to do with so much information that is often conflicting. With R+ Dog Training, you are not alone. A problem shared is a problem halved: you can take the opportunity to discuss issues with other owners and crucially get reliable, effective advice from qualified, experienced professional sources that you can trust.

Social Dog Walks in W/SW London
Pip relaxing with the bigger dogs on a Social Dog Walk in Boston Manor Park










R+ Dog Training has combined forces with On Kew Dog Training to enable you to take advantage of two qualified, experienced canine professionals on Social Dog Walks. Walks take place in local parks with a maximum of 6 dogs. Monthly social dog walks will help you to:

  • Meet other dog owners
  • Find answers to your questions during a relaxed, supervised walk
  • Perfect your dog’s skills outdoors including:
    • mixing happily with other dogs – no more worries about unpredictability
    • loose lead walking – no more pulling
    • ignoring distractions – no more worries about squirrels, cyclists, joggers and more
    • reliable recallpeace of mind when your dog is off lead.

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Our experienced professionals will be on hand to help to explain your dog’s behaviour, answer your questions, support your dog when needed and take the worry out of dog walks. Book one walk or come every month: we look forward to meeting you!

Social dog walks in W/SW London
Vita relaxing on the walk in Boston Manor Park

Choose from:

Walk 1

Walk 2
10.30- 11.30

£15 per walk.

Prices are for one handler and one dog. Please contact us for pricing and availability if you have more than one dog.

1.       An initial assessment is required if you are not a current client. Please contact us for details.

2.       Please bring your dog on a plain lead. You may also bring a long line. We do not accept dogs on chain leads or flexi leads 

3.       Your dog should be wearing a flat collar and/or harness with back clip. We do not accept dogs wearing aversive (prong, choke, electric or “anti-bark”) collars. Click here for recommended  training equipment for walks

4.       Bring plenty of your dog’s favourite training treats and water

5.       We walk in all weathers, so wear suitable outdoor clothing

6.       The walks are not suitable for bitches who are in heat or for dogs with serious behavioural problems. Please contact us for further advice if you feel that your dog needs extra help to mix with other dogs or for any other behaviour problem.

Contact us now  to book an initial assessment or guarantee your place. Payment is in advance via BACS.

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