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Happy Vet Visits for DogsHappy Vet Visits for Cats

Happy Vet Visits can make going to the vet less stressful for you and for your dog or cat.

We can take the stress away from vet visits from the moment that you begin your journey until the time that your companion is home again…and after if you need to administer treatment and medication.

  • No more disappearing on the day of your appointment
  • No more struggling on the journey
  • No more misery in the waiting room
  • No more tussles over treatment and medication.

Happy Vet Visits will:

Dark green paw Accustom your dog or cat to being handled

Dark green paw Teach your dog or cat to co-operate happily – offering a paw or keeping still and relaxed

Dark green paw Accustom your dog or cat to travelling, including training your cat to walk into and out of a carrier

Dark green paw Ensure that your dog or cat is easy to medicate.

Whether it’s popping in a wormer, catching up with routine vaccinations or something more involved, I can help your dog and cat to feel happy and relaxed from before a vet visit to finishing a course of treatment.

I can help you with a customised service in your home, on your journey and in the vet.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that you will be able to cope – and your vet will thank you for it too!

All training is fear and force free.

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

Could your dog be a lifesaver?  Your dog could save up to four other dogs’ live per donation. I can help train for blood donation too.


The minimum course is 6 hourly sessions for dogs and 12 half hourly sessions for cats and costs £600.

Additional sessions can be booked at £100 per hour or £50 per half hour.

You can also book custom sessions to deal with individual issues such as nail trimming and dental care.

Contact R+ Dog Training to book a Happy Vet Visit Course now.

Your companion – and your vet – will thank you for it

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