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R+ Dog Training provides comprehensive training packages with notes so that you can achieve your goals and have the dog that you have always wanted. As well as practical support, we can provide notes on training, dog behaviour, canine development and welfare. We also have specific notes for cat owners.

All private training includes a set of notes that build into a training manual. Group training sessions can be supplemented by the purchase of notes so that you can have the expertise of  R+ Dog Training to hand when you need it most.

If you wish to obtain notes, make your selection and then contact R+ Dog Training. You will receive an invoice and the notes will be sent via e-mail in PDF format once your payment has been confirmed. We suggest that you bookmark this page as new notes will be added periodically. You can also contact us to make a suggestion if you do not see notes that you require.

Please note that training notes are only available to existing clients. Private clients will receive notes during their course and may request additional notes free of charge if a full course has been booked. Group training clients may purchase notes to supplement their course at any point during or after the training course.

Individual notes cost £6 each or £30 for a set of 6. eBooks cost £10 each.

General Training

Dark green pawBehaviour Chains

Dark green pawCues and Cueing – Basics, Intermediate and Advanced

Dark green pawCues and Cueing – Solving Problems

Dark green pawClicker Training Refresher

Dark green pawClicker Training Tips

Dark green pawGetting Into Shaping

Dark green pawGetting Started with Clicker Training

Dark green pawIntroduction to Targeting

Dark green pawRock Solid Rover Tips and Tricks

Dark green pawThe 3 Rs of Recall

Dark green pawThe Premack Principle

Dark green pawTaking The Lead (a guide to happy handling)

Puppy Training

Dark green pawHouse Training

Dark green pawPreparing for your Puppy

Dark green pawSocialising Your Puppy

General Information

Dark green pawBasal Breeds

Dark green pawCanine Cool and Cool for Cats (tips for hot weather)

Dark green pawCanine Law

Dark green pawCanine Teeth

Dark green pawChewing The Fat (safe chews)

Dark green pawChocolate Block (nutrition)

Dark green pawThe Dog’s Dinner

Dark green pawEssential Shopping List

Dark green pawFeeling Seedy (welfare)

Dark green pawFirework Fears

Dark green pawHow Does Your Garden Grow (welfare)

Dark green pawInteractive Games

Dark green pawJoint Decisions (welfare)

Dark green pawP is for Parasite

Dark green pawRunning Mate (welfare)

Dark green pawSafe Car Travel

Dark green pawSeasonal Hazards – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Dark green pawTeenage Tearaway

Canine Senses

Dark green pawAll In The Genes

Dark green pawGive Me a Hand (paw preference)

Dark green pawHair of the Dog

Dark green pawHow Dogs Hear

Dark green pawHow Dogs See

Dark green pawHow Dogs Smell

Dark green pawHow Dogs Think

Dark green pawJust My Type (canine blood groups)

Dark green pawLet Sleeping Dogs Lie

R+ Dog Training eBooks

ResourcesYour New Puppy – The First 48 Hours

Dark green pawSocialising Your Puppy

Dark green pawHow Does My Dog…? (Canine senses)

Dark green pawHow Does My Cat…? (Feline senses)

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