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Find out about your trainer and how R+ Training provides, qualified, professional, effective training.

Qualifications at a Glance

ADip CBM: Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management
ADip FBM: Advanced Diploma in Feline Behaviour Management
KPA-CTP: Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
BTEC II: Health and Safety BTEC
ABTC: Registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council
MISAP: Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals
Canine First Aid Certificate
PetPlan Insurance Advisor
Veterinary Nutrition Advisor

Welcome To R+ Dog Training 

Welcome to R+ Dog and Cat Training. I am a qualified, professional trainer and behaviourist providing positive reinforcement-based, force-free training that enables people and animals to succeed and learn in a supportive, safe environment.

  • Is your dream of having a dog not always matched by the reality?
  • Are you working to settle a rescue dog or introducing good manners to an excitable puppy?
  • Does your adolescent dog leave you wondering where your sweet puppy went?
  • Do you want to help your older dog lead a good quality life?
  • Do you want to meet other dog owners in a relaxed, supportive setting?
  • Are you trying to introduce your cat to a cat flap or litter box?
  • Do you struggle with vet and grooming visits?

You are not alone; let me help you.

My training and behavioural services deal with real dogs in real life because, from that first walk in the morning to settling down when you need time for yourself, you may need support.

Cats may be the Johnny Come Latelys to the domestic animal world but they are just as stimulated by, and amenable to, training as dogs when taught using force-free methods. Please ask for help with behavioural consultations and training for cats.

Find out about how you can get help training equines, birds and fish.

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Together we can find solutions for the companion animal in your life.

Find Out About Me

By updating my knowledge and practising my skills, you can benefit from the latest training improvements.

I gained Advanced Diplomas in Canine and Feline Behaviour Management and am very proud to be one of the select few Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners. KPA Certified trainers undergo intensive initial training and pledge to uphold the highest standards throughout their teaching. You can watch a short video about the KPA and my training methods here. I am registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council as an Animal Trainer.

For six years, I worked in veterinary practice and gained qualifications in veterinary nutrition for dogs and cats and in companion animal insurance. Later, I gained a certificate in canine first aid.

I have shown my own dogs and run and judged many companion dog shows and am a Kennel Club qualified show judge. Canine welfare and stress-free handling are always my top priorities.

Continual professional training keeps my skills up to date, including frequent updates on canine-specific legislation. There have been several government consultations in which I have participated, to try to make the world a better, safer place for animals and owners.

Dogs have been part of human society for thousands of years. I am committed to helping dogs and humans continue to live together in harmony by providing real world solutions for people who live with real world dogs.

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You can read more about dogs and keep up to date with the latest developments on my DogsNet website and blog.



Find Out About The Dogs Who Led Me Here

Maly - collie shepherd
Maly sweeping the board at a show


I started work as a professional performer in theatre and television but I couldn’t own a dog because I was a freelancer. A cat and several spiders filled the gap. I also worked often with horses. Then, while reading for an MA, a friend died and I inherited Maly, her 11 year old collie-shepherd. Initially, he was too scared to walk down the road and was extremely noise-sensitive. I worked to ease his problems which meant that he soon qualified for the final of the Kennel Club Scruffts competition and was voted Your Dog Magazine Golden Oldie just before he died at 16 years old.

He was that very special companion, the dog of my life.


Vadim Siberian Husky
Vadim the ever-curious!


After Maly died, I needed a challenge to fill the yawning gap. With Vadim, I certainly got it! He was handed over to me in very poor condition as “untrainable” but we managed to prove everyone wrong. My lovely Sibe not only took his Kennel Club Good Citizens exams, but was a Pets As Therapy Volunteer and a blood donor for the Pet Blood Bank, going on to win their inaugural Bramble Craddock Award. He also earned an embarrassing amount of winning places, including prestigious Best In Show awards in the show ring. It was quite a journey for both of us. Vadim was 11 years old when he succumbed to liver cancer.


Labradoodle Humphrey
Humphrey in St Peter’s Square, W6


I will also to pay tribute to Humphrey and his generous owners as they lent him to me for eighteen months. Vadim died the night before I was accepted onto the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Trainer course, so Humphrey became my training partner. He was just seven months old when we started, and it was a tough few months. There were early starts and evening sessions during the week with more intense work at weekends.

Humphrey took it all in his stride whilst his owners provided practical and emotional support above and beyond all expectation. Sadly for me, they moved recently, but we are of course still in touch. The legacy remains in the pride with which I acknowledge their contribution to my professional development – and in Humphrey of course!


Now that Vadim has gone, I am awaiting the arrival of a puppy to embark on another series of adventures. In the meantime I am helping as many dogs and people as I can to live in harmony.

The relationship between people and their animals is continually changing as the world around us changes. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so contact me now and together we can help your dog and/or cat to live the most fulfilling life possible.

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