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Canine activities

Training for dog sports and activities keeps your dog mentally and physically fit 

Train to compete, for the field, or just for fun. R+ Dog Training uses the same techniques of positive reinforcement as in basic training so that you and your dog can learn in a safe, relaxed environment.

Going out for walks is only part of ensuring a rich and fulfilling life for your dog. Exercise needs to be balanced by mental stimulation.  Training for an activity is especially good for working breeds such as a gun or herding dogs because dogs benefit from using their minds as well as their bodies. You don’t have to compete; just learning something new can be fun for you and your dog. Booking an Activity Training Course with R+ Dog Training is an excellent way to progress from the Rock Solid Rover Course.

R+ Dog Training for an activity always ensures that your dog will be fit enough to undertake your chosen activity safely to minimise risk of strain or injury throughout your dog’s life. The course provides a programme of exercises that will take you from warm up to the chosen activity, followed by a warm down.

If you’re new to activity training, choose a taster course which provides an introduction to preparing for activity training and guides you through the initial steps to begin your chosen sport.

Activities include:

  • Agility
  • Showing
  • Scent and retrieve work
  • Obedience
  • Rally … and more

Training for an activity
   My puppy Travis at his first show May 2023
Bath Championship Show rosette

Not sure which activity to choose? See our sister site DogsNet.org for details

If you are already competing, you can book sessions to polish your skills and develop your dog’s potential.

The minimum course is 6 x 1 hour sessions for novice dogs/handlers and costs £600.

Book a longer course and save up to £360.

Intermediate and Advanced level dogs/handlers with experience of positive reinforcement training may book individual coaching sessions at £120 per hour.

Whether you’re a greenhorn starting from scratch or an old hand polishing skills, contact R+ Dog Training now to get your dog off to a flying start.

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