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Want a Rock Solid Rover?
You’ve learned the basics, now how do you make them stick?

Is your dog slow to respond to a cue?

Are behaviours executed at a snail’s pace?

Does your dog sit but not stay in place?


Want a Rock Solid Rover?
Freddy learning a distance sit in the rain

The Rock Solid Rover Course uses the techniques of positive reinforcement underpinned by proven scientific theories to guide your dog towards reliable behaviours.

Dogs learn in a very specific, literal way. A “sit” trained facing your dog means that is what your dog will understand “sit” to be. If you turn or step away, your dog will probably not understand that the same behaviour is required.

Step-by-step instructions, taken at your own pace, enable you and your dog to learn behaviours that are executed efficiently and reliably so that you can go out into the world with confidence.

Rock Solid Rover testimonial

It’s never too late to learn.

Whether you’ve completed the R+ Dog Training Puppy Start Right Course, or you have a pre-adolescent dog that is new to training, or you need to make behaviours reliable with a dog of any age, the Rock Solid Rover Course is the place to be.

Book now and discover the secrets of how to make behaviours
precise, reliable and instant

The course runs for 18 weeks and can be booked in blocks of 6 x 1 hour sessions costing £600 or book 12 or more sessions in advance and save up to £180.

Need to practice without worrying about your dog? Why not book an additional  Clicker Skills session and save up to £50.

Want more savings?

Let R+ Dog Training take the strain: book a Walk and Train option in addition to the Rock Solid Rover Course and save up to £200.

Contact R+ Dog Training now and be the proud owner of an “anywhere, anytime dog”

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