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Your Teenage Tearaway Is Tameable

Don’t Panic! Your Teenage Tearaway Is Tameable!

Finding your teenage dog a bit of a handful?

Lost your reliable recall?

Got a dog that is deaf to your cues?

Is your dog suddenly fearful of new things or even familiar things?

Adolescent dogs can be a challenge. You no longer have a cute puppy that will be forgiven for mistakes and all your careful training seems to have disappeared. Your dog may suddenly be fearful of something that he has previously ignored or bark at anything new that he encounters. This is all quite normal and just part of being a teenage dog. Once dogs reach puberty, they experience new qualms that are sometimes known as the “second fear period” (the first occurs at 5-8 weeks of age).

The hard work of housetraining, teething and learning the basics marks the end of puppyhood but not yet the end of the potential trials and tribulations of being a dog owner. By the time that your dog is around 5 months, adolescence begins and can continue for a year or longer for larger dogs. Like their human equivalents, adolescent dogs can be a challenge.

As well as exhibiting sudden fears, adolescent dogs can start to push boundaries – I often say that they discover the word “No” as they realise that they have agency in situations where they had previously deferred to their mother or their handler.

Take The Challenge Out Of Teenage Training

An R+ Dog Training Teenage Tearaway Course can guide you and your dog through the tough phase of training a teenager. Train in a fun, positive way, whilst ensuring that your dog remains safe and you retain your sanity!

  • If this is your first time undertaking formal training
  • If you are new to positive reinforcement training
  • If you have had a break after a Puppy Start Right course…

Your Teenage Tearaway is tameable so don’t delay – get help today

Sessions can be booked in 6 week blocks starting at £600 for the first six weeks.

Save up to £360 when booking 12 or more weeks in advance.

Contact R+ Dog Training now and tame your teenage tearaway


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