R+ Dog Training

Special Offers For Your Dog

From time to time, R+ Dog Training  provides special offers to help you and your dog. We can make training more affordable and help with fun sessions that don’t require a big commitment in time and effort.

Worried about the cost of a full course or just short of time?
R+ Dog Training is here to help you.

Even a small amount of time spent teaching your dog something new has been proven to improve dogs’ quality of life, help them to settle when you are busy and even help maintain good mental health into old age.

You will be amazed at how quickly your dog can learn and, of course, you can always choose more.

Don’t see anything that you fancy? Book a customised session for help with recall, basic manners or anything else that you want.

Special Christmas offer coming soon…

Bookmark this page to make sure that you don’t miss out on new offers.

Take advantage of limited-time offers and one-off bargains for you and your dog. Hurry and book so as not to miss amazing prices.

 Social Dog Walks For You And Your Dog

Social Dogs Walks in W/SW London

Meet other dog walkers on a friendly, relaxed walk and take he opportunity to get your training questions answered. Special price of £10 per session for a limited time only. Read more…


Trick And Treat Very Special Offer

Special Offers for Your Dog
Why not celebrate Halloween by teaching your dog a new trick?

Book a private session for the amazing price of £30.

Choose your own trick or let us help you and amaze your family and friends.


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