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Get your dog back quickly every time that you call

Get your dog back quickly every time that you call

Does your dog sometimes seem blind and deaf when you call?

Have you been delayed struggling to get your dog back on the lead?

Ever been embarrassed when your dog wouldn’t come back?

We are very lucky to have a wide range of lovely parks within easy reach. Booking a Reliable Recall Workshop means that you can enjoy them fully and get your dog back quickly every time that you call. You can also book a Peaceful Picnic Workshop to ensure that your dog is reliable around picnics too.

Reliable recall is essential to keep your dog safe and your timetable on track. Almost 50,000 stray dogs were reported as being handled by local authorities in 2019/2020; 41% of those dogs were not reunited with their owner. Some of those dogs may have got lost due to poor recall.

Reliable recall is also vital to protect your dog from the rising number of thefts. Getting your dog back every time that you call means that you are less at risk from prosecution if your dog is distracted by wildlife or livestock. Livestock worrying not only causes huge harm to other animals and livelihoods, it could result in your dog being shot, even if no contact is made. The prospect of an owner vainly chasing a dog harrying deer in Richmond Park may have amused some, but certainly not the animals affected or the car drivers involved. Out of control dogs can have a serious effect on wildlife populations.

No dog will ever be 100% guaranteed, but training good recall in a positive, fun way will make your walks more enjoyable for you and your dog and give you peace of mind knowing that you can trust your dog to come back on cue.

A private, one-to-one workshop costs £150 for one adult handler and dog.

A group workshop costs £60 for one adult handler and dog.

Additional adult observers may attend at a reduced rate of £50 per person.

Rev up your recall and contact R+ Dog Training now

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