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Flexible training options for busy lives

Charlotte and Maly Chiswick House grounds
Charlotte and Maly Chiswick House grounds

R+ Dog and Cat Training provides flexible training options to fit in with your busy life with life-long training customised for your dog, cat – or any other companion animal.

Create your own course and make savings or let R+ Dog Training do some of the work for you with the Walk and Train option for dogs.

Choose from one-off sessions to options to take you from pre-purchase advice to senior dog – via a fun range of activities. You can make savings by choosing longer courses, by choosing additional options or by booking two or more courses up-front. You can even customise your own option by selecting a course plus a workshop or add-on option. The more you choose, the more you save, and you can be confident that you and your companion will be guided through, proven, effective and fun training in the way that suits you best.

Dogs playing in a paddling pool
Watson and Pepper cooling off in a paddling pool after a lesson

Click on the links below to read more about each option. You can also find out more about your trainer, training methods, terms and conditions, the privacy policy or read testimonials.

We look forward to helping you to have the companion animal that you have always wanted.




Clicker trained cat

Training for cats
From kitten to senior

R+ Dog Training Puppy Start Right Course

Puppy Courses
Everything you need for dogs from 10 weeks to 6 months old

Dachshund walking to heel

Rock Solid Rover
Ensure that your training will be reliable – for dogs from 6 months old upwards

Adolescent Weimaraner
Teenage Tearaways
How to cope with the challenges of adolescence
Maly - collie shepherd

Senior Service
Sessions to keep the senior dog young at heart

Dog obedience sit
Activity Training
One-off coaching and courses for a wide variety of canine activities
Rescue Remedy - dog peering through fence
Rescue Remedy
Settling a rescue dog in a forever home
Happy Vet Visits for Cats
Happy Vet Sessions
Take the stress out of vet visits for cats and dogs – and you
Happy Dog Grooming
Happy Grooming Sessions
Take the stress out of grooming visits for cats and dogs – and you

Add-on Options and One-off Sessions

Samoyed Mishka walking on a loose lea Selection of dog and cat training clickers Labradoodle at picnic

Need more information? Contact R+ Dog Training; we are waiting to help you

Need more than training?

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If you have a problem that is causing significant disruption, then I can provide a Behavioural Consultation and a package of training support so that you can get your life back on track.

I can help with separation disorders, aggression, urine marking, inappropriate toiletting and house training problems, fears and phobias, excessive vocalisation, handling problems and more.



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