R+ Dog Training - Siberian Husky running

Just too busy to train?

Just too busy to train?

Finding it hard to juggle training with everything else in your life?

Do you want to speed up your training?

R+ Dog Training has the solution to your problems

Whether you are a new owner discovering how demanding your new dog can be, or an old hand with a hectic schedule, R+ Dog Training can support you and take over some of the training so that your dog can become the ideal companion even sooner.

Successful training is dependent on your dog learning in frequent, efficient sessions so that training can be understood, remembered and consolidated in all the places that you need it to work. Consistency and repetition are keys to success but it can be hard to juggle training with the other competing demands in your life.

The R+ Dog Training Walk and Train option shares the training with you so that your dog gets a walk and a lesson all in one, and you can get on with those urgent life demands, safe in the knowledge that your dog is in specialist hands.

Why not join us on a monthly Social Dog Walk? Take advantage of having not one, but two qualified, professional trainers at your service or just come and meet other dog owners on a relaxed, friendly walk.

Walk and Train sessions are undertaken in conjunction with a regular training course, or incorporate 30 minute “handover” sessions. You may book as many or as few sessions as you require, but you must book at least one handover session per 6 walks.

Sessions cost £50 for half an hour (suitable for puppies up to 6 months old) and £100 per hour for older dogs. Handover sessions cost £50 for half an hour.

Walk and train and handover sessions can be booked between 08.30 and 15.30 on Mondays and 08.30 and 16.30 on Tuesday to Friday, subject to availability.

 Kick-start your training and bring calm to your schedule
by booking Walk and Train. 

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