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Private Cat Training


Create a co-operative cat with customised training

Create a co-operative cat with customised training. Forge your own pathway to help your cat to fit into your home and feel comfortable being groomed or at the vet. Choose a customised training course or our Happy Vet Visits and Happy Grooming Sessions Courses.

Cat wearing harness
                     Romeo co-operating with being harnessed and exploring outside for the first time

It is a common myth that cats are untrainable. We create co-operative cats using fear and force free methods backed by science to help you and your cat to live in harmony. Cats are just as amenable to training as dogs, although sessions need to be shorter. We offer 30 minute, weekly sessions to help you to train your cat to use a litter tray or cat flap and we can help with grooming and take the stress out of necessary visits to the vet. Of course, you can also learn training techniques just to have fun.

Private cat training

Private Cat TrainingSessions take place your home, but we can help you to practice getting your cat into a carrier and travelling and accompany you to the vet or groomer so that you can have support when you need it most. Sessions are backed up with training notes that build into a manual and e-mail and telephone support between sessions.

You can also book an advice session before you buy your cat or kitten so that you can avoid the pitfalls and give your new companion animal the best start in life possible.

For more serious behavioural problems, please contact me to book a consultation.

R+ Cat Training

We look forward to helping you to have the cat that you have always wanted.

Sessions for cats are 30 minutes long and cost £50 per session (minimum 6 sessions).

Add-on Options and One-off Sessions

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Need more information? Contact me; I am waiting to help you

Need more than training?

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If you have a problem that is causing significant disruption, then I can provide a Behavioural Consultation and a package of training support so that you can get your life back on track.

I can help with aggression, urine marking, inappropriate toiletting and house training problems, fears and phobias, handling problems and more.




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