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Improve your clicker skills and become the efficient trainer
that your dog or cat deserves.

Help! – you’ve got a new dog or cat and now you need to learn to be a trainer. Let R+ Dog Training solve  your problem with a fun clicker skills session.

The Improve Your Clicker Skills session means that you can learn without worrying about teaching your dog or cat.

Sessions are designed to be relaxed and fun. Just as when we are training your dog or cat, there is no pressure and no penalty if you make a mistake: just another chance to get it right. You will be amazed at how successful your training will be once you feel more comfortable with the equipment.

Training using positive reinforcementThe clicker is a powerful communication tool, and using it efficiently will help your dog or cat improve in leaps and bounds. Think of it as being like listening to the radio without static.

  • Learn how to feel comfortable holding a lead and clicking
  • Learn how to separate the click from the treat delivery
  • Practice that all-important knack of good timing
  • Hone your observation skills and click at the precise moment you need to mark a behaviour
  • Practice so that you can train complex behaviours.

Book now and ace your training.

A clicker skills session costs £100 for one person. Additional places can be booked at a reduced rate of £50 per person so that everyone who trains your dog or can can benefit.

Whatever you need to practice, R+ Dog Training is here to help

Contact R+ DogTraining now and get a head start on your training.

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