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Settle your rescue dog into a forever home

Settle your rescue dog into a forever-home

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Have you rescued a dog?

Need help getting settled in?

Does your rescue dog need more than love?

Rescue dogs often need more help to settle into a forever-home than those that come as puppies from responsible breeders. Even if they have not experienced trauma, they may have had the disruption of being in kennels or in a foster home and now face another change in their environment and lifestyle.

Dogs are very adaptable, but a little professional help can make all the difference.

Rescue organisations are not regulated and, although well-meaning, may lack the skills and resources to fully assess a dog before re-homing. Sometimes problems may emerge weeks or months after a dog has left their previous home of kennel.

“Dogs acquired from rescues rehoming dogs from abroad were significantly more likely to be showing signs of fear (31%) compared to 16% of dogs rescued from the UK”, PDSA PAW Report 2023

Former street dogs may have no previous experience of living in a home or perhaps are unfamiliar with the sounds and sights of a busy city. Dogs rescued from puppy farms often find it frightening to interact with other dogs or unfamiliar people.

Fear and force-free handling techniques work with your dog to alleviate fears and increase confidence. I can also help you understand your dog’s behaviours and how to manage on a daily basis as we progress towards you having the dog that you always wanted.

A little time and patience, coupled with the experience and knowledge of R+ Dog Training can help your dog to fit into a new home more quickly and easily.

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