R+ Dog Training - Siberian Husky running


Look – don’t touch

Look, don’t touch (or for that matter, bark) has been my watchword this week. I don’t often get the chance to ride or drive horses these days but I do come across horses a lot, whether that is working horses, competition horses at shows or just happy hackers in local parks. It is therefore very […]

Trains and boats and ‘planes – well almost

Trains and boats and ‘planes – well OK, trains and buses so far. We will add boats at some point, ‘planes, probably not, as he will hopefully be a blood donor, although living ten miles from Heathrow we see and hear our fair share. As a non-driver, it was important for me to accustom my […]

First Nights

As an actor, I was used to first night nerves, but this first night had nothing on it! My puppy crashed out within half an hour of getting back but I was wide awake all night. Has he stopped breathing? Is he warm enough? What if I roll over and squash him? There are pros […]

He’s Coming Home

He’s coming home! – puppies are all about milestones – so many due to pass in the first few weeks and months of life. So, for my pup, the biggest of big days – he is due to leave the only world that he has ever known and embark (and bark?!) on something completely new […]

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