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Getting The Wind Up

Getting The Wind Up Wind presents some of the biggest training challenges for dog handlers. Like many other animals, dogs are sensitive to the changes in barometric pressure that herald windy weather. They also react to subtle changes in temperature  and humidity. Some owners can tell by their dog’s behaviour changes that a storm or […]

Not To Be Sniffed At

Not To Be Sniffed At As puberty progresses, Travis is getting more interested in scents out on walks. Whilst he hasn’t quite given up trying to snarf litter at every opportunity, his nose is increasingly leading him on. Sniffing is vital for dogs and should be scheduled as part of their daily enrichment opportunities. Unlike […]

Jumping For Joy

Jumping For Joy Does your dog appear to be made of springs? Mine does. It can be hard for little dogs not to jump because they are so far below our eyeline. Poodles and their crosses also have a tendency to be very bouncy. Dogs also jump because they want to lick our faces. This […]

Travis Gets Sheep-ish – Urban Herding

Travis Gets Sheep-ish – Urban Herding It’s time to start working with Travis’ genes and start some herding work. Whilst it’s wrong to make deterministic decisions based on a dog’s breed or type, genes do count. Humans have exercised selective breeding for generations and different herding breeds are selected according to the type of livestock […]

He Stoops To Conker

He Stoops To Conker Dogs are natural scavengers which, combined with puppies’ exploration of everything using their mouths can add up to nuisance and potential danger. Much of the problem lies with human behaviour – dropping litter – and low levels of refuse collection. However, some of the hazards really are natural, albeit with human […]

Thunderstruck – Travis Had A Surprise

Thunderstruck – Travis had a surprise by being woken up from a cooling snooze by hearing thunder for the first time as we experienced some welcome rain after the brief and sudden hot spell. He was born into a dry winter and, although he has experienced hail a couple of times, thunder is a novelty. […]

Teenage Tantrums: Puppy To Terrible Teen

  Teenage Tantrums – puppy to terrible teen. Travis is now six months old; the testicles have descended and his brain is entering its last stages of development into adulthood. Puberty can be as challenging for dogs as it can be for humans – and that includes the owners! Training success is rarely linear – […]

Showing Off

Showing off: dog shows are held all over the country every year and can be a good way of exposing your puppy to being handled and meeting a wide variety of other dogs in a controlled setting. Whether it’s a local village fête or a Crufts qualifier, a well run dog show provides a wealth […]

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